Today's team leaders must have specific attributes to meet the challenges of the digital era. Here are five basic points to consider when choosing a digital leader for your team.

IT Talent December 29 2021

4 mistakes you shouldn't make when interviewing digital talent


To select IT professionals, there are certain aspects you should pay attention to in the interview process, to carry out effective recruitment and find the person you need. In the following article, we tell you what to do to avoid at this stage and how to prepare for it. 


IT Talent December 28 2021

How to hire a profile in the digital industry?


Every day, the market demands more and more digital talent. Industries have changed even more rapidly because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which accelerated the digitization of jobs in around five years. The current challenge is to seek and find the best professionals in the area for each organization. 

IT Talent December 28 2021

How to make the search for digital profiles much easier?


Today's world is online, especially after the pandemic that forced large and small companies large to reinvent themselves, to operate digitally and remotely. And the working world is no exception. 

Digital transformation December 28 2021

How the workforce projects to cope with the new demands of the digital economy


Joint efforts by the public sector, business, and academia to train people in digital skills could add US$ 13 billion to Chile's GDP by 2030, according to a study by Accenture. That is especially relevant in the face of reactivation.

By Airam Fernández

Digital transformation December 22 2021

InvestChile's view of the country's progress as a digital hub in the region


Connectivity and available human talent stand out among the qualities that foreign companies are taking into account to bet on the country.

By Airam Fernández

Digital transformation December 22 2021

Bootcamps are gaining strength as an ICT training alternative


This new approach seeks to move from the traditional teaching model to a new methodology that is more practical and closer to the companies.

By Constanza Garín L

Digital transformation December 22 2021

The program that seeks to create more Digital Talent for Chile

Source: Diario Financiero

Facing the growing deficit of IT professionals, a public-private initiative began to survey the most demanded digital profiles to reskill people in these areas, providing them with new job opportunities.

By Constanza Garín.

Digital transformation December 22 2021

What is job-hopping and why does it occur?


Find out what this labor trend is all about, the reasons why millennials (most digital talent are millennials) change jobs frequently, and what to do to retain them. 

IT Talent December 22 2021

What differentiates an IT profile from a digital profile


Although many times a series of profiles and skills are included under the concept of "digital", being specific we could say that working with information technology (IT) is not the same as being inserted in the digital world. Here are some aspects that distinguish one specialist from another.