The ability of countries to address the challenges of the 4.0 era depends on, to a large degree, their current development. Chile worked decades ago in various aspects that allow it to be in a privileged position today in the digital economy. Having the best connectivity in the region, having millionaire IT infrastructure projects that annually exceed US$4 billion, and an attractive supply of talent makes it a hub for foreign investment and export of IT services.

IT Talent November 5 2021

Most demanded professionals in the digital sector

Understanding the needs of the market is an excellent basis for knowing what to study or where to focus a certain career.

Digital transformation November 4 2021

What are the bootcamps and how important are they?

Today it is essential to invest time and effort in acquiring new skills and improving the ones you already have. Ensuring your success in the job market will depend on you and your performance.

IT Talent November 4 2021

5 Digital profiles that you must have in your organization

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